- Valk Easy Check-In

Easy check-in

With Valk Easy Check-in we offer you more convenience. Before arriving at a hotel you are already checked, your room key is ready upon arrival, and waiting times are over. How it works? Read it below.

Exclusively at Valk Exclusief Hotels

More Convenience for you

If you book through one of our own websites and you have upgraded your Valk Account to our Valk Exclusief Account, we will arrange the room for you with your preferences and the room will be ready for you upon arrival. A flashy start to your stay with us!

Your Benefits

  1. One-time registration: No more ID required at the reception
  2. A perfect room based on your preferences
  3. Your room key is ready for you upon arrival at the reception*
  4. Avoid queues at the reception
  5. Ask your questions via chat, directly to a receptionist
  6. Save for more VALKLOYAL discount for future bookings

*Additional explanation

Mobile Key

Open your room with your mobile phone. Hotel Utrecht and Hotel Zwolle are already making use of the new system, other hotels will follow soon.

Upgrade Your Account

Upgrade your Valk Account to a Valk Exclusief Account now. After you have verified your email address, mobile phone number and ID, you are also able to give in your hotel preferences per hotel and automatically receive the Easy Check-in mail on the day of arrival. You can then indicate whether you want to be checked in for your room before arriving at the hotel.

Your room key is already ready upon arrival, pure convenience!