What happens to your personal data?

  • To make booking requests quick, easy and safe 24/7.
  • To contact you later for information and marketing purposes (this only happens if you have explicitly consented to it).
  • To make any announcements regarding your possible reservations.

The information is used internally only and is not passed on to other organizations for commercial purposes.

Access to personal information
Upon request, we allow visitors of our websites access to all information we keep from them. If you wish to have access to this information, please contact us on the address mentioned on the website. Upon request, we offer website visitors the opportunity to correct any incorrect data we keep from them. If you wish to improve your personal information, please contact us through the address details mentioned on the website.

Data transfer and security
If we transfer or receive your data on our website, we always use encryption technologies that are recognized as common standards within the IT sector.

If we receive or transfer certain critical information, such as financial information or information about health, we use a secure server. You will be notified by means of an icon (mark) that is displayed on our site.

We have taken all necessary security measures to be extra cautious to prevent any loss, unauthorized use or change of information we receive on our websites.

Despite the care, precautions and attention of this website, the website may contain incorrect information. Van der Valk Internet cannot be held liable for technical or editorial errors that occur on this website or for any consequential loss resulting from the use or temporarily unavailability of this website or the links to third party websites.